Set a room background Edit

  • bg_slot - 0...7 (see below)
  • these are true/false: is_visible, is_foreground, htiled, vtiled.
  • alpha - can be 1=opaque down to 0=transparent

Switch a room background Edit


Adjust background (n=0/1/.../7) Edit


  • x[n], y[n] - background n's position within the current room
  • width[n], height[n] - get parameters of a background (read-only)
  • vtiled[n], htiled[n]; vspeed[n], hspeed[n] - set tiling to true/false; set the vertical/horizontal scroll speed
  • colour - set the background color in this room for empty spaces (where no background image exists)
  • xscale[n], yscale[n] - adjust the scale of the background