In Version 6 of Game Maker 3D functionality was added. It is not meant for big 3D games, it is more an element to make your game a bit more fancy. There are certain limitations for 3d games.

Limitations[edit | edit source]

  • 3D in Game Maker is limited to the graphics part. There are no builtin functions for 3d collision, raycasting or quaternions.
  • Certain things can't be used when in 3d mode:
    • Backgrounds [Unsure about if you cant use backgrounds] you can use backrounds as textures for objects
    • Mouse position, however you can write a script to translate it into either a 3d position or a direction (for mouselook)
    • Tiles
    • Collision checking is limited to 2d with builtin functions, however you can write your own 3D collition checking script.
  • To use 3D, you must be fluent in GML. There are libraries for 3D functions, but these have limitations as well.
  • Requires GameMaker: Professional Edition
  • You must be familiar with 3D coding. A lot of things are very difficult to understand if you haven't done any 3D before.
  • Getting a reasonable speed is not easy. This isn't optimized for speed.

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