3D collition checking scriptAbsAction
Action another roomAction bounceAction cd pause
Action cd playAction cd playingAction cd present
Action cd resumeAction cd stopAction change object
Action colorAction create objectAction create object motion
Action create object randomAction current roomAction draw arrow
Action draw backgroundAction draw ellipseAction draw ellipse gradient
Action draw gradient horAction draw healthAction draw life
Action draw scoreAction fullscreenAction functions
Action highscore showAction if collisionAction if dice
Action if mouseAction if next roomAction if object
Action messageAction moveAction move contact
Action move pointAction move randomAction move start
Action move toAction replace spriteAction set health
AlarmAncient Civilisations compotitionArgument
Argument0BackgroundsBlank Page
BooleanBounce against objectsBuffers
CD functionsCall the inherited eventCd close door
Cd resumeChange InstanceChange Sprite
Change the spriteCheck EmptyCheck Next
Check PreviousCheck SoundClear the highscore table
Collision EventsCollision checkingCollision rectangle
ColorColor SpriteColor get red
CommentConsternationConsternation 2
Crash BandicootCreate EffectsCreate Instance
Create MovingCreate RandomCreate the particle system
Current hourD3d FunctionsD3d end
D3d startDegtoradDestroy Instance
Destroy at PositionDevil Toy PlaneDex CiccioNinja
Different RoomDirectionDisplay a message
Display mouse get xDisplay set colordepthDisplay set frequency
Display the highscore tableDrag & DropDraw Text
Draw ellipseDraw functionsDraw point
Draw spriteDraw sprite extDraw surface ext
Draw textDraw text colorDraw the value of score
Drunken BenderDs map addEasy platform game tutorial
ElseEnd the gameEvent
Execute a piece of codeExecute stringExit the current event
FPSFierFont get bold
GMLGML(GameMaker programing language) TutorialGame Maker
Game Maker GamesGame Maker TutorialGame Maker Version History
Game Maker VersionsGame Maker Wiki:SandboxGame Maker and 3D
Game idGame restartGame save
Get integerGet stringGravity
Gravity directionHspeedIf a position is collision free
If an expression is trueIf health is a valueIf instance is aligned with grid
If score has a valueIf there is a collision at a positionIf there is an object at a position
Image angleImage indexImage speed
Ini openInstance createInstance destroy
Instance existsInstance nearestInstance sprite
Io clearJump to a given positionJump to a random position
Jump to the start positionKingSpaceKrossfire
List of GameMaker WordsList of actionsList of functions
List of variablesLoad the gameMCI command
Main PageMark OvermarsMax
Miki milk riderMore About ObjectsMore About Sprites
Mouse check buttonMouse xMouse y
Move FixedMove FreeMove Towards
Move bounce allMove bounce solidMove contact
Move contact allMove towards pointNext Room
Object addObject get nameOscar the Slime Monster
Path startPerform a step towards a pointPlay Sound
PositionPosition changePrevious Room
Relative coordinateRelative motionRepeat next action
Restart RoomRestart the gameReverse Horizontal
Reverse VerticalRoomRoom caption
Room gotoRoom nextRoom restart
Room speedRoom widthSave the game
ScoreScriptScript get text
Set FrictionSet GravitySet a font for drawing text
Set a path for the instanceSet the healthSet the mouse cursor
Set the number of livesSet the scoreSet the value of a variable
Show a videoShow healthShow lives
Show messageShow message extSign
SleepSleep for a whileSnapping
SolidSound background tempoSpace Aliens
SpeedSpeed HorizontalSpeed Vertical
Sphere collition checkingSqrtStart of block
StepStop SoundString replace
String replace allTest VariableTesting
Toy World 3: Computer Fan GameTransform SpriteTruman's Army Men
Truman's BullseyeTruman's Buzz LightyearTruman's Hamm
Truman's HouseTruman's JessieTruman's Mr. Potato Head
Truman's Mrs. Potato HeadTruman's ProspectorTruman's RC Car
Truman's RexTruman's Slinky DogTruman's Wheezy
VariableVersion 1Version 2
Version 3Version 4Version 5
Version 6Version 6.1Version 7
VisibleVlad StoiculescuVspeed
WikiNodeWindow get region widthWindow set fullscreen
Window set visibleWoodyX
X coordinateYY coordinate
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File:Brain-intro.gifFile:C2.pngFile:Change Instance.png
File:Change Sprite.pngFile:Check Next.pngFile:Check Previous.png
File:Check Sound.pngFile:Color Sprite.pngFile:Consternation - Full Game Trailer
File:Consternation II - Official Trailer - 2018 Horror GameFile:Coollogo com-28832308.pngFile:Create Instance.png
File:Create Moving.pngFile:Create Random.pngFile:DMT3.gif
File:Destroy Instance.pngFile:Destroy at Position.pngFile:Different Room.png
File:Draw Text.pngFile:Draw Text box.pngFile:Execute a piece of code.png
File:Form sprite.pngFile:Game maker.jpgFile:Game maker logo.png
File:Gamemaker logo.jpgFile:HackZone.jpgFile:Imageedit 2 5745439324.png
File:InsideSummerlinHouse.jpgFile:Jump to given position.PNGFile:Jump to random position.PNG
File:Jump to start position.PNGFile:Logo1.gifFile:Move Actions.png
File:Move Actions2.pngFile:Move in the direction of a point.pngFile:My ninja.jpg
File:Next Room.pngFile:Parent image 1.pngFile:Parent image 2.png
File:Play Sound.pngFile:Previous Room.pngFile:Quigglers 2.jpg
File:Restart Room.pngFile:Reverse horizontal direction.pngFile:Reverse vertical direction.png
File:Room width.PNGFile:Set Gravity.pngFile:Set Gravity window.png
File:Set a path for the instance.pngFile:Set direction and speed of motion.pngFile:Set the friction.PNG
File:Set the friction.pngFile:Set the gravity.pngFile:Set the horizontal speed.png
File:Set the vertical speed.pngFile:Sonic dash by static the hedgehog-d4ani0m.pngFile:Spr ext.png
File:Start moving in a direction.pngFile:Step.pngFile:Stop Sound.png
File:T.A.O.D.gifFile:Test variable window.pngFile:Transform Sprite.png
File:Trash.pngFile:Url.jpgFile:Version 1.png
File:Version 5.pngFile:Version 6.pngFile:Wiki.png
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