Dream Focus

aka Thomas Prewitt

  • I live in in a land so far away, and yet so much closer than you realize
  • My occupation is professional daydreamer
  • I am not relevant

I first started using Game Maker in version 3, which was much different than it is now. Version 4 was when things changed to the layout used since. Everything laid out in such a logical manner, I was able to get a grip on things, and program in it quite well, nothing I couldn't do. Alas, the limitations of running a game in it, it lagging so very badly, caused me to eventually loose hope in it. But as the years go by computers have become many times faster. I started with a 300 megahertz computer, and now have a dual processor 2.3 gigahertz one. Plus Game Maker has made improvements in various versions of course.

My old Game Maker forum is at the one that existed for years before that on Ezboard and being lost when they had a disgruntled employee hack them and erase everything, so we started again on Invision instead, they not having the super irritating ads Ezboard had at that time. I submitted code examples to help people at times, and answered questions to those in need. Haven't done anything with Game Maker in years. I wonder what's possible now. Dream Focus 08:07, December 17, 2011 (UTC)

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